Powder Coating Performance Improvements

PCC understands the importance of production performance. Our longstanding experience in the powder coating industry gives us the unique insight and advantage to successfully assess and improve production performance for any company. Don’t leave your profit to chance. Let us help you exceed your goals.

Performance Improvement Services

Operational Audit

To determine areas for improvement, we thoroughly inspect all aspects of your finishing operation. In addition to equipment inspection/performance measurements, we will review part presentation, conveyance methods, environmental conditions, housekeeping, safety, logistics, operator skills, equipment maintenance, and QA/QC. We also determine how well the powder coating process integrates into your overall manufacturing process:

  • Are parts efficiently delivered from fabrication?
  • Does the finishing process efficiently supply parts to assembly?
  • Is the process under control?
  • Failure analysis: finishing defects and their root causes.
  • Are the operators adequately trained?
  • Are the coating formulations adequate for the desired finish?

Special focus is provided to areas where our customers have the greatest concerns. All findings are documented in a site-specific, comprehensive, Operational Audit Report complete with actionable recommendations for corrective action.

Production Analysis

We evaluate your finishing process to determine its true capacity in terms of equipment limitations. This is the first step towards increasing productivity to meet increased demands. Your product data (product types, production requirements, physical sizes, operational methods, etc.) are input into our custom spreadsheet model to determine part transport methods designed to meet stated production target goals. This effort entails determining conveyor line speed, carrier process rates, and batch sizes to meet your product and production requirements.

Looking at your production targets and quality requirements we determine whether your current system meet the desired goals. We account for available production time, color changes, future production requirements, and rework issues.We take your production targets and quality requirements to determine whether your current system can meet the desired goals. We account for available production time, color changes, future production requirements, and rework issues, as well.

Our production analysis will help you buy equipment properly sized for your specific needs. Too large a system results in excessive capital investment and increased operating costs. Bottlenecks are caused by undersized systems.

Operational Cost Analysis

PCC calculates your current operating costs and compares them to the costs of operating alternative finishing solutions. Understanding anticipated costs and savings is necessary in order to determine the Return On Investment (ROI) of competing alternatives. This information is provided to you in a detailed Operational Cost Analysis Report.