New System Selection

Powder coating technology can meet or exceed your finishing needs. At PCC, we consider your unique needs, your project goals, and dissect each part of the overall process to find you the best solution for your long-term goals.

Feasibility Study

We consider your anticipated production goals, products’ design, and coating quality/performance requirements to provide
“right-sized” technical solutions for coating your products. We compare and contrast these coating technologies in terms of floor space, manpower, operating costs, and capital investment.

Evaluating your powder coating options provides your customers with the best possible finish at the best price point. The data gathered during this feasibility assessment fully supports proof-of-concept testing as well as procurement of a process that is carefully considered to meet the productivity, product performance, and quality goals originally targeted.

System Design

We take your existing production requirements and design a complete system to meet your needs.

Powder Coating System Specifications

PCC translates your finishing requirements into current standards understood throughout the finishing industry by providing a powder coating system specification tailored to your needs. By purchasing a system using these specifications, you will receive a process designed to meet your needs with minimal risk. The system configuration is verified by spec-based tests and inspections prior to acceptance.

Applying standard specifications helps the evaluation of system proposals because vendors are all responding to the same set of requirements. Without well-defined specifications, vendors tend to propose unique system solutions making a comparison evaluation extremely difficult. This is why your best protection against inaccurate information is a well-defined specification for your powder coating system.

Material Specifications

In order to meet your customer’s expectations, Powder Coating Consultants generates material specifications that details your products’ required quality of finish. Your customers often determine your product’s value based on appearance and durability of the finish. Selecting a powder formulation using specifications tailored to your requirements will make sure you get the desired finish.

A well-written material specification is your best protection against formulation changes that can adversely impact your product’s appearance and durability of the finish, operating costs, defect rate associated with powder coating, and associated rework or scrap costs.