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The services PCC provides are of the highest quality, with your results in mind, and handled with professionalism. Browse through our services and let us help you achieve your business goals.

An Exceptional Stand Out From The Rest
PCC is the largest and most qualified, independent consulting company in the powder coating industry.

Having served hundreds of clients over the years, our team of professionals bring a wealth of experience to your projects. We make sure your powder coating system delivers the quality, efficiency, and productivity that yields you profit.

Our earlier work includes manufacturers who are now successfully powder coating a variety of products. These products include store fixtures, golf carts, and appliances–just to name a few.

Don’t underestimate the importance of hiring a powder coating professional to help see you through this intricate process.

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Popular Services

Feasibility Study

PCC compares technologies, floor space, manpower requirements, operating costs, and capital investment to make selecting a new process simple and easy.

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Operational Audit

Our detailed audits are meticulous in ensuring we improve your operating efficiency and product quality.

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System Upgrades

PCC analyzes your production requirements and designs a complete system to meet your needs.

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Litigation Assistance

PCC offers expert witness assistance, such as: site investigations, sample testing & analysis, trial testimony, and more.

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Cost Gauge Pro estimates the operational costs for applying organic finishes based on application requirements, materials, line configuration, energy consumption, and labor. The results are presented both on an annualized and per square foot basis. PCC offers three versions: Cost Gauge Pro Powder, Cost Gauge Pro Liquid, and Cost Gauge Pro Combo for purchase. Give it a free try! If you’d like the full version, visit our product’s page for more details.

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