Cost Gauge Pro Liquid


Cost Gauge Pro Liquid

Cost Gauge Pro estimates the operational costs for applying organic finishes based on application requirements, materials, line configuration, energy consumption, and labor. The results are presented both on an annualized and per square foot basis.

Designed for use with Microsoft Excel software, Cost Gauge Pro is based on performance models used extensively in the finishing industry. These models have been refined by over 25 years of empirical data gathered over hundreds of finishing projects. Cost Gauge Pro provides the most complete operational costing tool on the market today. Both OEM’s and custom finishers will find Cost Gauge Pro invaluable for:

Estimating the Actual Costs for Finishing Product.
Pricing Rationale.
Return On Investment (ROI).
Calculate Liquid Cost.
“What-iffing” the Economic Effects on the Finishing Operation due to changes in Coating Materials, Line Configuration, Labor, Energy, and Application Requirements.

Operating System: Microsoft Windows only.

Price: $199.00