Here you’ll find a variety of powder coating news and information to educate you on the latest in the powder coating and organic finishing industry.

Article Reprints

Personal Protection Equipment – What a Finisher needs to know
Designing Products That Are Paintable
Finding Solid Ground
Five things you can do to improve your transfer efficiency
Going From The Possible To The Feasible
Liquid To Powder Conversion: How Much Of Your Existing Equipment Can You Use?
Maintenance Now More Than Ever
The Ins & Outs of Operational Audits
Part Cooling Techniques: Why it’s important to Cool It
Preventive Maintenance vs. Emergency Repair
Right Sizing Your Finishing System
Calculating and Controlling Your Powder Coating Operational Costs
Defining an Appropriate QA-QC Plan
Developing a coating performance specification
Going from the possible to the feasible
Operational Audits the best way to improving a powder coating process
And Now for Something Completely Different
Are You Supposed to Be Depressed When There Is An Economic Depression?
Back to the Future – A Story About Quick Color Change
Cartridge Booth Maintenance – How To Prolong The Service Life Of Your Equipment
Coating Adhesion: A Misunderstood Defect
Color Measurements & Control
Corrosion Issues
Cure Dynamics Of Powder Coatings
Cure Oven Maintenance- How To Prevent Your Powder Coated Parts From Being Half Baked
Designing & Installing A Powder Coating System
Designing A Powder EV Room – Why & How

Film Thickness Control: Know-How And Vigilance Are Required
Future Trends in Powder Chemistries
Get the powder onto the part and not in the reclaim
Getting Air And Only Air From The Compressor
Giving high tech the kISS off
Gun Motion Changes Follow Production Changes
Hanger design & maintenance
Hey Buddy, Can You Spare A Fuse?
Housekeeping and finish quality-there is a connection
How important is proper ground?
How important is training?
How to cure powder coated parts without getting burned
How to eliminate outgassing- the powder coating faux pas
How to rework powder coated rejects
How To Save Money in a Slow Economy
How to set up your system for a new part
Is powder coating living up to its reputation?
JIT & powder coating takes planning & compromise
Let’s get loaded
Load-unload area: planning can make a big difference
Machu Test
Manual powder spraying-technique is everything
Old Rip – Eastland, TX
Operational Audits: The Best Path To Improvement
Out Door Durability Of Finish- Q&A
Oven-Design Features Every Powder Coating System Should Have
Overcoming powder-feed problems
Post-shift maintenance: heading production problems off at the pass
Powder booth airflow direction – what’s the difference?
Powder Coating – not just another pretty finish
Powder coating and the permit process – not as easy as it seems
Powder coating economics explored- to reclaim or not to reclaim
Powder Coatings – Not Your Run of the Mill Coating
Powder coating-too expensive
Powder packaging & storage for better performance
Powder Pattern Control – Use The Right Tool For The Job
Powder Reclaim Considerations
Setting up a powder coating test lab – why & how
Some things your suppliers will NOT tell you
Surface preparation system: how to operate it properly for consistent results
The Funny Things That Happen In The Internet Forums
The inside story on used equipment
Thin-Film Powder Coatings – Design & Application Issues
Turnkey Systems: Pros & Cons
Turnkey or turkey – selecting a turnkey contractor for your powder coating installation
Understanding Convection Cure Oven Design Features
Understanding Corrosion
Understanding Powder Coating Equipment & Application
What Happened?
Who said you Cannot make quick color changes?