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“Who publishes a quality-control standard specification for powder coating on CRS? We have a flat metal part that is 0.120 inches thick that is punched with 12 0.1” D holes. The powder form fuzzy balls in the holes. How do we coat the holes with an even layer? “


“There is no individual quality standard for powder coating Cold Rolled Steel. Most people set the QC standards to match their customer expectations and the end use of the product being coated. For instance, if your product sees outdoor exposure, then you may want to use an ASTM a standard for salt spray and UV resistance.

The fuzzy balls you see are probable lint or dust particles that have contaminated the powder. First check to see if these disappear during the curing of the powder. If not, then sieve all your powder (including the virgin material) using a 100 mesh screen to remove any contamination. If the fuzzy balls persist, then the contaminants are airborne and an isolated and E. V. controlled spray area is recommended.”

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