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“What are the main functional differences between epoxies, urethanes, TGIC’s and hybrids?”


“There can be many subtle differences between all these coatings, and many features can be formulated into each coating. However, the general functional differences are as follows:

Epoxies are very chemical resistant but have no UV resistance (weathering).
Urethanes have great weathering characteristics but do not have good flexibility in impact resistance.
TGIC Polyesters have good weathering but reduced chemical resistance.

Hybrids is a term that describes a mixture of resin technologies. Depending upon which resins are used, they can have all sorts of properties. One of the most common hybrids is an epoxy-polyester hybrid which has most of the properties of pure epoxy coatings with some added UV resistance (weathering) of polyester coatings.

There are many more features and properties in each of these coatings that you should discuss with the material suppliers.”

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