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“What advantage does powder coating provide over galvanized or painted plated metals in terms of resistance to weathering? What type of adhesive would be recommended to bond rubber or neoprene material to a powder coated metal object?”


“The advantages of powder (an organic finish) over plating or galvanizing (an inorganic finish) are all on the application side. Powder coating can be applied without the hazardous waste associated with the plating or galvanizing. However, organic powder coating, although superior to other organic finishes, will not perform as well as inorganic finishes. Knowing this, you should test powder coatings for the specific weathering, and any other performance characteristics, that you require for your product before considering a switch to powder coating.

As for adhesives, check with your adhesive supplier for an appropriate rubber or neoprene bond; that is an adhesive that will not degrade those materials. Most powder coatings are fairly impervious to most adhesives. Remember: you can always test the adhesive and powder coat for suitability before introducing the combination to full scale production.”

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