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“We utilize a primer/enamel coating system to protect a tractor trailer which is used for transport purposes. These trailers have to be inspected for structural and weld defects such as cracks, stress induced defects, etc. My question is: “Is powder coating a viable candidate to use on a transport trailer and would it lend itself to structural examination better than a standard paint system which masks the defects. Also, does powder coating lend itself spot repair? If powder coating does not fit this application, can you point me in a different direction? Thank you.”


“Powder coatings cannot be easily applied to tractor trailers since the curing process requires the part (in this case a trailer) to be oven baked at 325 degree F for 30 minutes. That may cause irreparable harm to rubber tires, oil seals, brake linings, etc. Further, powder coatings would not be any better in exposing cracks or stress related defects. Spot repair using liquid paints is not uncommon with powder coated products.

Although powder coating can be applied using flame spray equipment, this will not bring you closer to your goal of having a coating that can be easier to inspect.”

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