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“We use a lot of galvanized steel. Not always but quite often we have gassing problems with powder coating on galvanized steel. What are the reasons and how could we solve this problem of bubbling. Kind regards.”


“Galvanizing can be accomplished in several ways. Depending upon which method is used will effect your outgassing problem. For instance, if the part has been hot or cold dipped galvanized, then trapped gasses are likely. When the product is heated these gases are released and cause holes in the coating. Other methods of galvanizing, such as electroplating or galvanneal products will not outgas at all. To eliminate the outgassing either change to a galvanizing process that will not entrap gasses (i.e. electroplating or galvanneal), or preheat your product to the cure temperature to release the entrapped gases prior to powder coating.”

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