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“We have some steel panels, approx. 4′ x 4′ in size. Several were blemished when we powder coated them. Coating was about 2 mils. We have found that we can remove the blemishes by sanding them with an orbital sander, removing about 0.5 mils of coating. But this has created another problem — the panels become so “charged” by the sanding that they attract dust and dirt particles which contaminate the surface so that when new powder is applied the finish is “gritty”, not smooth. Can you tell us some simple way to “discharge” these panels? Thank for you help.”


“Usually rinsing the substrate can neutralize the surface, if it is grounded during this procedure. There are ionized air blowers and compressed air units that can neutralize the part’s surface. Check the Thomas Register under Ionized air systems for manufacturers names.”

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