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“We have some stainless steel pipes and valves located at the Cape Kennedy launch facility. They are corroding; some are developing minor pin holes. The items are outside and subject to the normal salt environment. Additionally, they are exposed to Solid Rocket Motor residue. They are washed off after each launch with fresh water. The fluid running through the items is liquid oxygen. The valves and some pipes can get below -300�F.

Is there some coating which can be applied. First preference would be without removing the items. The second would be to coat the replacement items.”


“The best method for coating these pipes and valve in place is to use a system called “flame spray”. The equipment for this process is sold by Plastic Flame Coat in Big Spring, TX. This process has been very effective at applying thermoplastic powder coatings on large objects that require a corrosion barrier. For instance, rail cars, water tanks, bridges, etc. I would suggest that you drain the oxygen from the pipes before you use this process. Contact them for further information.”

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