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“We have had a very strange problem with one of our customers. The customer is powder coating scaffoldings for export. After coating the steel scaffolding and during stacking of the scaffolding frames, the frames slip one above another and the entire stack of 25 frames falls down. This has become a very serious problem bcause they have stopped their production due to this. They attribute this slipping phenomenon to the smoothness of the film. I have tried to change the formulation of my powder on order to reduce the gloss and cured film thickness but to no use. The same slipping phenomenon exists. The worst part is that the customer says that our competitor’s powder does not give the slipping effect; hence we may lose a very good customer although our powder is of the highest quality.”


“You should try a thermoplastic powder such as PVC. The slip characteristic of this material is poor. If you must use a thermoset powder, I suggest you try a textured material.

It may be unreasonable to stack 25 round tube scaffold frames on top of one another without it falling down. Your customer should be more interested in the mechanical and corrosion properties of the powder formula you provide.

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