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“We have been in the business of designing street furniture for outdoor advertising; anything from Bus Shelters to internet Kiosks. We tend to use mainly aluminum extrusions, mild and structural steel. We are reviewing our paint specifications, and cannot agree as to what is the right thickness of powder coating we should be using. We are looking for a quality finish, which will live in the harsh street environment, subject to air borne pollution, UV etc. We also install our equipment in coastal areas. All contracts are for a minimum of 15 years so we are “longing for longevity”. Can some one advise us or point us in the right direction?”


“Coating life is affected by many more things than just coating thickness, especially powder coating life. Coating thickness is recommended by the formulator of the coating and is normally specified in a range (i.e. 2 to 4 mils). This coating thickness range will determine the best situation for all the coating properties to be fully achieved. Thicker and thinner coatings will not perform as well as the ideal range specified for the particular coating you have selected. Coating life is directly affected by the selected coating properties, substrate selection, pretreatment of the substrate, and application process control. You can have the best coating, but if you do not select an appropriate substrate, clean and pretreat that substrate properly, or apply the coating with a process that is out of control, the coating will still fail prematurely. Careful selection of the powder coating, correct cleaning and pretreatment of the substrate, and properly controlling the powder coating process is the only way for you to achieve your desired results.”

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