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“We are specifying a system to powder coat parts of varying size and material thickness: primarily structural steel fabrications (bars, angles, rod, etc.) from .125″ through .500″ thick. Individual parts weigh from 1 to 2000 lb, the majority weighing 10-30 lb. Coating thicknesses will be either 4 mil or 10 mil. Will the cure time and/or preheat (dry-off) time vary enough to reduce overall system throughput?”


“Without a doubt, yes! The “bring-up” time; that is, the time required to raise the metal’s temperature to the cure temperature, is dependent upon the specific heat capacity of the metal and the part’s mass. For example, the heavier the part, the longer the “bring-up” time. All powder coatings specify their cure times at metal temperature. Note: these specified cure times do not include the bring-up time.”

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