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“We are interested in reusing the over-spray from our powder line. We change colors often so the collected powder is quite a mix of colors and chemistries. What we would like to do is reuse this powder on elements of our products that are not visible. We are painting steel office furniture components. Our tests so far show that the paint adheres just fine to the metal and has good durability. There are a few contaminants that get into the powder during the collection of the overspray, mainly shop dust. Any way to re-filter the powder or prevent dust from getting in the overspray during collection? Are there any other unforeseen problems using recycled powder? “


“If you are comfortable with the look and function of this mixed reclaim powder coating material, then by all means use it. Mixing different powder coating chemistries can have disastrous effects. Often the coating will have “fish eyes”, voids, speckled colors, cracks, wrinkles, etc. It will be particularly hard to determine the physical properties of such a mixed coating, especially if the powder chemistries are very different and incompatible. But if it works for you, go for it. As far as cleaning up the reclaim, removing oversized particles, etc., you need to use a sieve. If you are processing this reclaim in batches a batch vibratory sieve from Vorti-Sieve should work fine. If you want to process this reclaim “on the fly” and continuously, then a rotary sieve from Azo or Prater will do the trick. “

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