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“We are currently investigating various methods of removing un-cured powder from our load bars as a form of rack cleaning. One idea that was presented was to use an on-line vacuum system to suck the paint off before entering our cure oven. Is this possible? Is anyone in the industry doing this? If so, what are the drawbacks?”


“We recommend you use this vacuum method only as a last resort. It would be difficult to implement and would most likely disturb some of the powder and drop it onto the parts below. Look to correct the problem using the following methodology:

1.Locate your load bars outside of the booth (i.e. above the conveyor slot) Use a “Top of rail to top of part distance” of at least 36 inches.
2.Improve the ground on the part to ensure that it is the most appealing target for the powder being sprayed.
3.Remove sources of air currents that may be allowing the powder to migrate onto the load bars, if they are already located outside the booth.”

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