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“We are considering enclosing a small area of a production line where a powdered food seasoning is applied. The volume of the containment area is approximately 10 cubic feet. The openings for entering and exiting the conveyor belt and other necessary openings total approximately 8.5 square feet.

Excess seasoning falls into the hopper located below the belt and is removed for reuse. Air is to be removed from the area below the conveyor belt. How much air flow will be required to keep the seasoning from escaping the control area? Removed air will be filtered and airborne seasoning will be recovered for reuse. The seasoning itself is a fine powder, small enough to pass through a U.S. No. 10 screen. Thank you for any help.”


“Food seasoning may not react as powder coating does. However, for your information, 60 fpm is the air velocity that will control powder particles. All powder coating spray booths are designed with this value in mind. I’m not sure if the same air velocity will work for your application.”

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