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“We are a manufacturer of carnival games and one of our products is exposed to the elements (i.e., sun, rain and salt air). We have been using a metallic silver that became a problem for us. The customers had complaints that it was rusting prematurely. We found out that our supplier was not using a clear coat and that was the cause for the rusting. Now our problem seems to be that the clear coat is yellowing within a 6 month period. I have been told that this is caused by leaving the material in the oven too long. Could you please confirm this or advise me on the proper procedure?”


“You should review this situation with your powder coating material supplier. They understand the formulation intimately and can recommend the most appropriate action. Having said that, below is some general information:

Clouding in clear powder coatings can be caused by under cure, over cure, contamination in the coating, UV instability of the formulation, improper oven exhaust rates, and improper formulation. The powder supplier can help you determine which problem is causing your clarity problem.”

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