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“We are a German producer of steel laboratory furniture. At the moment we are looking for an alternative to our presently used epoxy powder because of its poor UV-stability. Unfortunately the most used powders (epoxy, mixed epoxy/polyester/polyester or polyurethane powders) do either have a good UV-stability or a more or less acceptable chemical resistance. Do anybody know a powder which combines both characteristics, or a supplier for this powder in Germany? Note: We are not interested in a further supplier offering standard materials as mentioned above.”


“You have listed all the materials that apply (except for acrylics which are very UV stable but have lower chemical resistance than pure epoxy). Most people select a powder coating that best meets all their requirements with the least tradeoffs. However, some tradeoffs are unavoidable. In your case UV exposure vs. chemical resistance. Select the coating that has the most important feature you need. Often we can’t get all that we want in one coating. It is then that a two coat process can be helpful. In this case a chemical resistant base coat with a UV resistant top coat. That may be your best solution.”

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