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“We are a custom sign manufacturer. We have a project where we will set an 8′ dia. x .25″ aluminum disk into a floor that receives moderate foot traffic. Would a clear powdercoat finish hold up in this environment? If so, what would be the best specification? Can the powdercoat be removed (dipped) if we have to refinish the piece in the future?”


“A clear powder coating can achieve a 2-3H pencil hardness and have great abrasion resistance. These features are important to your specific application. However, this doesn’t mean that powder coatings will be impervious to scratching caused by dirt and sand trapped on footwear.

The best way to look at this application is to compare powder coatings to other acceptable finishes. Powder will be superior to liquid paints but not as good as anodizing or plating. You can get clear anodizing on aluminum but you can’t get clear plating for steel. If your alternatives for powder are liquid paints, then powder coatings will give you better performance.

However, if your alternative is clear anodizing on aluminum, then powder coatings won’t give you the same performance.”

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