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“We are a Biomedical Engineering Government department servicing the northern Sydney region. We would like to find a supplier of the raw material/s used in the coating of electrosurgical instruments. We would also find useful any information on equipment and techniques used in this process.”


“There are many companies that use powder coating for surgical instruments. They purchase powder and pretreatment chemicals (raw materials) from many companies (68 powder companies in North America alone). Similarly, there are several equipment companies that sell the application equipment employed in this process. To obtain the names of these companies you should contact The Powder Coating Institute in Alexandria, VA (703) 684-1770 and ask for their informational brochure and list of member companies. Unfortunately, it is difficult to determine which of these companies support the medical instrument industry. However, it wouldn’t be to difficult for you to determine your unique process requirements and finish performance requirements so that these vendors can sell you an appropriate solution. Contact us if you need help to determine your requirements.”

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