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“Part of our recovery from Katrina is replacement of a U-shaped reception station which has front and side panels that approximately 40” high. We have located a company which manufactures an extremely attractive unit which is available with either power coated steel or laminated wooden panels. Dogs of various sizes frequently “climb” the front panel of the desk presumably to assist their people in writing checks or to help themselves to the candy bowl, or us in answering the phone or handling various tasks. I’d appreciate your thoughts on the relative durability and dog-claw scratch resistance of powder coatings compared to quality laminates, some of which are described as “fused” laminates. “


“You should expect the powder coating finish to perform much like the coating on your refrigerator, kitchen range, washer & dryer, lawnmower, lawn furniture, etc. All these products are powder coated. Powder coating is a very durable organic (paint) finish. It is not impervious to scratches and nicks, but is damn close. A laminate will wear like your kitchen countertops (as long as you don’t have granite countertops). They can be cut and chipped under very arduous conditions, but for all practical purposes are bullet proof.”

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