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“Our powdercoating department has a problem. In the past we have hung product on our line in the afternoon in preparation for the next day. Now all of a sudden our maintenance foreman has decided that we can only wash what we are painting that day. We have always known that we can’t do this with our bare metal products but we were able to do it with galvanized, primered, and aluminum parts. We never had any problems before. Are there any concerns that you can see with us pre-loading the line because our production rate has fallen off considerably since we stopped. The longest these parts sit is 16 hours as we never pre-load the line over the weekend. I would appreciate an actual expert opinion?”


“Nothing good can happen to a part that has already been cleaned and has not been coated and cured. It is always a good idea to store in-process products before they are cleaned and after the coated parts are cured. Not much can go bad with parts in these two conditions. Once a product has been cleaned but not coated and cured it can become contaminated by airborne dirt, inadvertent hand prints, or even flash-rust or oxidization. There is nothing that will happen to the chemicals on the product after pretreatment if left on the conveyor overnight. Using a staggered shift is the best way to eliminate wait times between the process steps and to ensure that cleaned parts are not left on the conveyor line overnight. This would be preferable to leaving the parts on the conveyor overnight.”

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