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“Need information relative to achievable surface finishes using epoxy powder coats on alluminum components. Typical parts are 2′ x 4′ hatch covers. We are required to supply near automotive finishes on these parts and also required to utilize epoxy based powder due to chemical resistance, etc. Orange peel has been an ongoing problem.”


“Powder Coatings can be formulated to achieve different surface appearances. There are “Smoothness Standards” available from the Powder Coating Institute (703) 684-1770 that depict smoothness in a range of 1 to 10. Select the smoothness you want and notify your powder supplier. He will formulate an epoxy to meet your finishing requirements. Be prepared to pay more for the coating and have more sag rejects. Smoothness is a function of flow during cure and can cause sagging on heavily coated parts. Consider using a “Coating Specification” to accurately describe all your powder coating properties. We write these specs as a service to our clients. Consider the problems that you can incur without a clearly written specification: Part rejects, high coating costs, unsatisfied customers, equipment downtime, etc. Contact Powder Coating Consultants at (800) 97-POWDER for assistance in this matter.”

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