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“Is there anything to tell about the new phenomena named Thin Layer Powder Coatings? I am interested in whether the thin layer powder coatings now available are just developments of existing formulas (e.g. lower PVC, better flow etc.) or are they produced with new technology? By new technology I mean pigments with improved hiding power, a new way of grinding, new type of binder(s) etc. I hope you can satisfy my curiosity.”


“The new thin film powder coatings are being developed with variations of two important characteristics. First is flow rate; the ability of a powder coating to flow smoothly at thin builds. Second is particle size; this is a function of the grinding technology. You make a valid point that as film builds get thinner, better pigmentation with better hiding power is important. I’m not sure if the technology has addressed this issue yet. Thin film builds in the North American Market are typically 1 mil. Powder coatings applied under this threshold have not yet been marketed.”

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