Jun 11, 2016 0 comment

“Is it possible to create a very thin (.001 – .0015″) fluoropolymer film (PTFE, FEP or PFA) by the electrostatic powder coating process in a way that the film will not stick to the metal base material and can be removed from it?”


“PTFE powders can be applied by electrostatic spray to substrates at 1.5 mils or greater. PTFE powders usually need a liquid primer for adhesion to the substrate. Knowing these two facts, can it be assumed that a 1.5 mil coating of PTFE material, applied at 1.5 mils without a primer and allowed to flow into a continuous film be removed (peeled) to form a sheet? I don’t think so, since the film would probably tear during removal. But it sounds like an interesting experiment to try.”

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