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“I’m looking for a powder that can easily be applied (using a hand-held applicator) to objects in order to dull their finish for 3D imaging using an optical imaging system. The powder would be removed after imaging. The powder should be a light color and should stick well enough to the surface to form a thin, even, opaque layer, but it should be possible to wipe it off after imaging. Ideally there would be no solvent involved so the operator would not have to take special precautions about ventilation etc.”


“Applying an uncured powder coating should work for this job. The spray apparatus costs approximately $4000.00 and must be used in a ventilated spray booth ($10,000 depending upon size) for safety reasons. The uncured powder can be wiped or blown-off with compressed air after you have done your imaging. The spray booth would be helpful in supporting the blow-off operation. Airborne powder can be combustible in the right concentration, necessitating an approved spray booth for safety.”

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