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“I would like to try powder coating over 316 Stainless Steel and need to specify a pretreatment and powdercoat topcoat. The item will be used in a marine environment, and the powdercoat will be used only as a barrier coating since the item will not be subject to heavy wear/abrasion. Is powder coating suitable for this type material? Or is it better to leave the material uncoated or coated with conventional means (paint)?”


“Some of our clients apply a powder coating to stainless steel products. They do not expect the powder coating to provide any mechanical or corrosion properties since the stainless steel performs well enough for their application. The sole purpose of the powder coating is to camouflage the part to better blend into the surrounding environment. For instance green for suburban locations and gray for city locations. You should decide what the powder coating is going to achieve on your product. A barrier coat doesn’t make sense since the stainless steel will perform well uncoated. If you want to camouflage your part, choose a coating that will meet that objective, either powder or liquid. Pretreatment of the substrate is very important for stainless steel. Choose Silane, or other adhesion promoter, to be applied prior to powder coating or you powder will not adhere to the stainless steel. Sometimes, grit basting can perform the same function.”

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