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I restore vintage motorcycles. I just had an AJS frame powdercoated by a local custom shop, at a cost of over $500. It was my first experience with powdercoating, and may be my last.
The problem appears to be durability—or lack of it. The finish dents easily, there are spots where I can peel it off with my fingernail, andother spots where it looks like rust is coming through.
When I went back to the shop to discuss these issues with the owner, he showed no real concern, and instead shoved “testimonial” letters from other customers at me to read.
Unfortunately, I had already done too much reassembly (bearings, sleeves, etc) to have anything else done with it.
My real concern, before I try this again is: Did the shop screw up, or did I pick the wrong color, or is powdercoating not as durable as I was led to believe?
I am very careful when reassembling my machines and yet I have made several blemishes on this frame already.”


“It sounds like the painter screwed up. Powder coatings are formulated to provide a variety of properties, in most cases much superior to liquid finishes. However, if the part was not cleaned properly before coating or the part was not fully cured after coating, then these properties will be compromised. Your vendor should evaluate the part and the resultant damage to assess if the properties that are inherent in the formulation he used are realized. If not, he should strip the part and re-coat it.

If he feels that the properties have been realized, then he chose the wrong formulation (nothing to do with color).”

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