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“I have recently redesigned a complete powder coating system and have since inherited the system forever and always. That being the case, I was concerned when the Environmental Technician informed me of the California code pertaining to the possible carcinogen found in epoxy type powder. We currently use PPG epoxy. What’s the latest? Thanks very much!”


“You should check this problem with PPG to obtain an MSDS sheet. The only component that is “hazardous” which comes to mind is ecaperlactum. This additive to many powder formulations is currently on the EPA HAPS list, although I hear that is about to change. If this is the material that your local inspector is talking about, then be aware it is released in the oven during cure. Therefore, operator exposure shouldn’t be a problem, unless your oven isn’t properly exhausted. I repeat: CHECK WITH PPG TO ADDRESS THIS PROBLEM. They know their formulation and have the resources to address this situation.”

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