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“I have an application where 2 metal surfaces are separated by ~.045 inch. This application is subjected to an environment which causes water accumulation in the gap. The gap is oriented such that gravity tends to “pull” the water out but because of surface tension the water remains in the gap. After the water accumulates the application can see cold temperatures which causes the water to freeze and lock the parts together. Is there a surface treatment that would act as a wick and draw the water from the gap? The coating would have to be less than .025 inch thick.”


“In our industry a good pretreament system will provide a surface that is “water break free”. This means water will sheet from the surface and not bead or form in droplets. If that is your desired effect, then I suggest that you investigate any pretreatment chemical supplier and ask for a cleaner chemistry that is compatible to your substrate and soil load.”

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