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“I have a tow hitch on my landcruiser that is powder coated. The car is only 4 months old and there are 2 rust spots already forming in the weld areas. The dealer has agreed to take a hitch and have it painted for me and replace the one that is rusting. I am concerned that if they only have it primed and painted conventionally that I may get an inferior product back. Should I insist on powder coating? Is powder coating far superior to prime and paint? What are the advantages of powder coating? If powder coating is superior, why am I getting rust so soon? Is there anything regarding powder coating that I should ask for to get a premium job?”


“We have first hand experience with trailer hitch coating since we have a high profile client who is in that business. The failure you are experiencing is very common on that product. The reasons for it are poor pretreatment of the part prior to powder coating. The manufacturer uses hot rolled steels and does not treat these substrates or the weld areas properly prior to coating the part. That means there are inorganic soils on the surface that cause loss of adhesion and corrosion problems with the powder coating. Anyhow, the best fix for your situation is to have the dealer sandblast the hitch down to bear “white metal” and powder coat the part again. This will remove all inorganic soils and defective coatings. Using an iron phoshate pretreatment would also help provide for a better job. The powder coating (a TGIC Polyester is best for this application) will provide a superior finish to any liquid coating, giving you a hitch that will outlast the vehicle.”

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