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“I have a relatively simple question. I am an ornamental metal fabricator, and have had a few things coated. I see a great potential in the process for my work, but the coater in my area had very little information to offer on what is possible. Is there an information clearinghouse where I could learn the available pigments, textures, etc.? This information would enable me to fully utilize the services offered by the local coaters.”


“You can call the Powder Coating Institute (703) 684-1770 and ask them to send you their membership directory which lists all the member companies who formulate powder coatings. Contacting these vendors directly will allow you to obtain their color charts and product descriptions for their “stock” materials. You will see that there are a wide selection of colors, textures, wrinkles, gloss values, clears, tints, flamboyants, etc. I’m sure that if you have seen a specific look in paint you can get the same look in powder coating.”

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