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“I have a customer who wants to use electrocoat on an aluminum casting as a primer for powder coating. Can e-coat provide a good base in this application, and if so, what coating material and method would be most suitable. The product would be in a marine environment.”


“E-coat is an appropriate primer for powder top coats. In fact, this is the method preferred by customers looking for the best corrosion protection available with organic coatings. There is only one way to apply an e-coat primer; with an e-coat system. There are a couple of ways to employ the e-coat process (autophoretic, etc.). Check with an e-coat material supplier for the best material and methods for your specific product. PPG is a premier supplier of e-coat materials. Be advised that if you do not have a source for getting this coating applied by an outside contractor, you will be looking at a substantial capital investment (can be $1.0 million). Good luck.”

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