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“I currently build weight lifting equipment that is designed for people who are confined to a wheelchair, but it is also designed for the able bodied as well. I am subcontracting my Powder Coating operations, and have had problems with my supplier. The next closest supplier is about 200 miles away. We are planning to move our shop and are considering bringing this operation in-house.

So the main question is how hard would it be to get involved in purchasing our own powder coating setup to do our work as well as do work for other locals. Currently our largest solid piece that we powder coat is approximately four feet by eight feet. What kind of cost would we be looking at for a setup that would meet our needs.

Thank you for this opportunity to ask some questions and thank you for your time and effort.”


“Call the Powder Coating Institute and ask them for their “Custom Coaters Directory” which lists many powder coaters around the country. There is probably a reason there are a limited number of people who provide this service in your area; not enough business to support more custom coating companies. This may influence your decision to open a competing shop.

The cost of starting a powder coating operation, with new equipment, starts at $50,000.00+ for a batch system and can approach $1,000,000.00 for a conveyorized system without much effort. The only difference between these two systems is the amount and size of product it can process in a given period of time. For your reference, a powder coating gun costs approximately $4,500.00 each, spray booths start at $10,000.00 each, and that doesn’t include the cure ovens and pretreatment systems that are necessary for this process.”

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