Jun 10, 2016 0 comment

“I bought a new house in February and by August, the windows of the house which have a powder coating paint, vanished in areas right to the metal. The home builder sent someone in here and all they did was just spray paint with paint from a spray can. Now the spray paint is beginning to peel from the windows and chip. What needs to be done to correct this problem and how much do you estimate it will cost.”


“Sounds like you have a surface contamination problem that wasn’t addressed by the window manufacturer. As long as this contaminant remains on the window surface, no paint (powder or liquid) will stick. Clean this area using a solvent and scuff the surface with sandpaper to expose bright new metal. Topcoat with a urethane liquid paint and hope for the best. The window manufacturer should provide some insight as to which paint they recommend for field repairs.”

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