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“I am restoring a 1926 Nash Roadster. The wheels are 21 inch steel disks manufactured by Budd Michelin. Another auto restorer suggested having the wheels powder coated. I am not acquainted with this process. My questions are: Can I have the wheels powder coated in black gloss and then paint over the black on the outside with the body paint color (probably lacquer )to finish the wheels to the original two color paint scheme? The wheels have been dip tank cleaned to bare metal and then treated with phosphoric acid to prevent rusting. What preparation would be needed for powder coating? Thanks.”


“Liquid coatings can be applied over powder coatings to provide a two-toned finish. Selection of the powder and liquid must be done with great care to ensure compatibility. Go to a custom coater for help in selecting the right process and coating materials. The Powder Coating Institute has a list of Custom Coaters by State (703) 684-1770.”

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