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“I am looking for some information on the amount of reclaimed powder that can be reused in systems. I have a facility I work with that is sending out about twenty 55-gallon drums/month to a landfill. There is not a lot of weight involved, but the volume is a problem. I was under the impression that by increasing spray efficiency and mixing the small reclaimed particles with virgin, we would have almost no waste.”


“Most powder coaters fuse their waste powder before disposing it. This process should be performed with caution. Always use a metal container (cardboard can catch fire) and do not try to fuse too much at any one time (one drum at a time).

By filling a drum with powder and placing it in a convection cure oven, the powder will fuse and melt down to approximately 15% to 25% of the original volume. You can then refill the drum with more powder and continue the process of melting until the drum is filled.

Since the weight of the powder isn’t reduced (just the volume), the weight of the filled drum of fused powder will be quite heavy (approximately 4 times heavier). This method will allow your powder coater to reduce the volume of waste to less than 25% of the volume they currently dispose (i.e. less drums). Furthermore, the landfill will appreciate not having to deal with unfused waste powder, which can be quite messy.”

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