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“I am having problems with the charging efficiency of a powder formulation. Could it be due to the type of filler I am using? Is there any way to improve it with some kind of additive or pigment?. Thank you very much for your advice.”


“It is not unusual for powder coating formulations to have different charging characteristics. These charging characteristics can be affected by particle size, filler materials, pigments, resins, etc. The proper balance between charging and formulation is normally empirically developed. I would look to the triboelectric series to determine if your filler more readily accepts a positive charge when frictionally charged by teflon. This is a necessary step even when using corona guns. All guns have teflon internal parts that can impose a positive charge on some powder formulations. If this is the case, then this tribo charge will reduce the effect of the negative corona charge by the same amount and therefore affect the total charge on the powder particle. In these cases it would be best to use a positive charging corona gun for the application.”

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