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“I am doing research into powder coating and its usage in the automobile industry. Are there special requirements for powder coating cars? Is it already being used by automobile manufacturers? What are the advantages or disadvantages of powder coating ?”


“It has been well documented that powder coating has been used in several key areas in the manufacturing of automobiles. For instance, under-hood (oil filters, etc.) and under-carriage (coil springs, etc.) parts have been powder coated for years. Some exterior trim components have also been powder coated. Selected areas of some vehicles have been powder coated for anti-chip protection (rocker panels, etc.). Entire vehicle bodies have been fully primed with powder coating. In the USA market the next growth area for powder coatings in the automotive industry is clear-coating the entire vehicle body. Don’t expect to see the color coat of the vehicles to be powder coated in the near future, since the 8 second color change requirement has been difficult to overcome with current technology (we just can’t seem to get the previous color out of the booth air stream in that 8 second time frame).”

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