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“I am assisting a customer to decide if powder coating is the change to make. Currently uses a five stage pretreatment to the aluminum. How much less pretreatment of aluminum is needed? I know the answer depends on the exact metal to be coated but do you have a ballpark answer?

Secondly, I hear rumors of UV fading. Any information available on this issue?”


“The five-stage pretreatment sounds ok, depending upon what each stage is doing. Powder is used in all sorts of outdoor applications without UV problems. The only thing that needs to be considered is which powder to use (based upon your customer’s performance requirements). Powder coating over chromate conversion coatings on aluminum can provide 5000 hours salt spray resistance and can translate to over 20-year life (in outdoor environments). We can be contacted through this web site or by telephone (800) 97-POWDER.”

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