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“I am a student and I am working on a project about electrostatic painting. As long as plastics are not conductive I need to know how to make a plastics conductive in order to finish it with an electrostatic painting method. Specifically, I am looking for ways to make a polyamide 6 type plastic conductive.”


“Plastics are prepared for electrostatic coating in two ways. One is to apply a conductive primer to the surface (Rans-Prep) and then spray it with the electrostatic gun as normal. The second method is to preheat the nonconductive part to 100 degrees F, of higher if the plastic can take the heat, and then spray the part using the electrostatic gun as normal. The preheating of the part works in two ways; one is thermal attraction, the other is the substrate takes on some conductive properties when it is preheated.”

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