Jun 10, 2016 0 comment

“Having an adherence problem on a 12” long 10GA HRPO steel formed channel. The raw material was cut to size using a laser cutting process. The adherence problem is restricted to the edges of the part only. The paint chips of. Any ideas, causes or solutions?

The powder coater is currently using an iron phosphate pretreatment in the wash system. Would increasing the concentration help?”


“The problem you are experiencing is caused by a scale left by the laser cutting system. Changing the shield gas can eliminate this problem, but will cause the laser to cut at 50% normal speed. You can remove this oxide using abrasion techniques (sanding, wire brushing, grinding, etc.) or using chemicals (pickling). You must remove this oxide to prevent the adhesion problems on laser cut edges.

A normal iron phosphate pretreatment system will not remove this laser scale! Pickling is the only chemical process that will remove this laser scale.”

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