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“Has anyone come up with a device to measure uncured powder on parts that are moving? I heard a while ago that something was under way but didn’t know what it was. I would think a laser would do the trick. Then, that could be related to what the dry film millage would be.”


“There is one equipment supplier that sells a laser device to measure uncured powder coating thickness. The device is quite costly, approx. $60,000 +, and can tell you the coating thickness in the exact location where the laser hits the target. No information is provided form any other locations on the coated surface. You would have to have one heck of a gun set-up to ensure that the entire surface is coated with the same thickness as the area measured by the laser. The equipment supplier is Wagner-Reclaim, and they are located in the Chicago area.

One point to remember, is that powder coating thickness shrinks as the coating melts and cures. So the reading may be on the high side when compared with the after cured thickness measurements. This situation may be corrected with the laser equipment through calibration. Check with the supplier for more details.”

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