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“For a desktop application, what is the wearability of powder coating MDF as opposed to using a horizontal grade laminate? How do these products compare?”


“Powder coatings on MDF is purported to be as durable as laminates. These materials have been used on a variety of products including office furniture. This technology has been around since the late 1990’s and does not yet have the track record of laminates. Therefore, actual life testing of these powder materials on MDF products has been limited to the laboratory. These laboratory tests have been successful. The suppliers of these powder coating materials have high hopes that manufacturers of MDF products (store fixtures, office furniture, etc.) will switch from laminates to powder for all their solid colors. We have not heard of any premature failures of these materials on MDF products to date. Actual product wearability properties are dependent upon the specific powder formulation and are available from the formulator of these materials.”

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