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“Electrostatic powder coating is a known explosion/fire risk and powder coating systems typically have an explosion/fire suppression system. What type of detectors (thermal, pressure, flame, etc.) are the best type of detectors on these systems? What is the best source of information about suppression systems for coating operations?”


“Many powder coating recovery booths are designed without containment devices and, therefore, eliminate the potential for explosion. These powder booth designs are called Cartridge Booths. On those systems where containment devices are used in the recovery system design, explosion vents will release the energy quickly without damage to the surrounding area. All powder coating systems that employ the use of automatic guns must be protected by fire detection systems that must interrupt the booth exhaust and spray operation within 0.5 seconds of ignition. Those systems with contained recovery systems must also have a segregation damper in the ductwork that is activated by the fire detection system preventing the fire from entering the containment device. Since organic powder coatings do not support flame unless they are airborne within specific limits, their safety record is unsurpassed in the finishing field.

Suppression systems are used if the normal design precautions are not used. This is rarely the case since the cost of suppression systems is quite expensive. If a suppression system is used, it can be activated by sensing thermal, optical, or pressure conditions.”

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