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“Does aluminum have any cleaning standards/specs that have to be satisfied before applying the powder coating?”


“First, you must understand that the powder coating process has to provide a finish that is commensurate with your customers’ expectations since the process can be tailored to meet a wide variety of finishing requirements. For this reason there are no “standard” pretreatments used in processing aluminum.

For instance, aluminum pretreatment systems can provide between 1000 – 5000 hours of salt spray and humidity protection. If you make fasteners that are used in the outdoor furniture industry, then the 5000 hour salt/humidity protection pretreatment system would apply. However, if you are making fasteners used in electronic cabinets, then 1000 hours of salt spray and humidity protection may be more applicable.

The costs for procuring, operating, and maintaining these two different pretreatment processes vary greatly between them. It would not be prudent or cost effective to implement a pretreatment process that does not satisfy your customers’ expectations or would be excessive for the application. For us to provide a more specific answer, we would have to review your objectives firsthand.”

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