Jun 11, 2016 0 comment

“Do you, or any of your “readers”, have experience of using ionized air knives to remove debris from work immediately before coating? I am being introduced to this by several keen salesmen who make great claims, but cannot yet supply a “satisfied user” list as, they claim, the technology is too new.”


“Ionized air knifes have been used in many applications where the product being coated has charged contamination adhered to the surface. If this isn’t your problem, then you don’t need the system. The problem with air knives is they use compressed air, which depending upon the volume, can be very expensive to make, dry, and filter. A system that has gained acceptance in our industry, when compressed air costs are too high, is an ionized blower system. This design uses the same ionized generator, but uses an electric blower to supply the air instead of compressed air. I hope this answers your question.”

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