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“At work, we are experiencing many cosmetic issues on our black powder coated aluminum parts. We are seeing variations on heavy coverage and light coverage within a shipment and sometimes within each part. The dimension of this part is 1″ X 3″ X 0.030″ thick. In addition, this part must have a matte finish(rough finish) and our powder coating vendor is having a processing difficulty due to the texture requirement. I not sure the matte finish is very hard to obtain regardless of the powder suppliers or there are other processing issues which my vendor should pay more attention to. I am looking forward to hearing from you.”


“Matte or textured finishes are more difficult to formulate and apply than high gloss powder coatings. However, there are over 75 powder formulators that have provided such materials on a consistent basis to many end users. If you are having trouble with your current supplier, then I suggest that you look elsewhere.

Most powder coating formulators are listed with the Powder Coating Institute. Call them at (703) 684-1770 and ask for a membership directory. As in any industry, there are different levels of expertise with the different suppliers. As late, many regional liquid formulators have entered the powder coating formulation business. These new suppliers usually do not have the experience that the more traditional powder suppliers have. Look to deal with a supplier that has at least 5 years of experience in powder formulations.”

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